Album Of Irish Showbands

Bands a-c 

The A. C. Only

The Action

The Agents

The Airchords

The Airliners

The All-Stars (Arklow)

The Alpine Seven

The Altonaires

The Ambassadors

The Ambassador 7

The American Express

American Pie

Anderson's Rhythm Band

The Angels

The Annalees

The Apaches

The Apollo

The April South Band

The Aquanauts

The Arabs

The Arcadians

The Arctic

The Arenas


The Argonauts

The Armada

The Arrans

The Arranville

The Arrivals

The Arrows

The Artones

The Astoria

The Astrals

The Astronauts

The Atlantics

The Atlantis

The Atlantis----Newry

The Avalon

The Avengers

The Avengers--Waterford

The Avengers--Belfast

The Avonairs

The Avonsiders--Arklow


The Bandits

The Bang

The Bankers

The Banshees

The Barons

The Barristers

The Barrow Boys

The Beach Boys

The Beavers

The Beaumont 7

The Bee-Bop

The Belvedere Beats

The Benny Birkett Orchestra

The Bermuda

The Berrys

The Berwyn

The Big 8

The Big Country

The Big 4

The Big Ivan Band

The Big Time

The Big Timers

The Big Valley

The Billy Brown Band

The Billy Conway Band

The Billy Kenrick Bandshow

The Billy McFarland Showband

The Billy Roach Band

The Birds

The Black & White Dixie Minstrels

The Black Aces

The Black Dots

The Black Scarf

The Blazers

The Blue Aces

The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels---Clonmel

The Bluebeats

The Bluebell Quartet

The Bluebell Showband

The Bluebirds

The Blue Boys

The Bluecaps

The Blue Clavons

The Blue Diamonds

The Blue Eagles

The Blueglows

The Bluegrass Bandshow

The Bluegrass Roadshow

The Blue Notes--Derry

The Blue Notes--Arklow

The Blue Rhythm Dance Band

The Blue Ridge Boys--Margo

The Blue Seven

The Bob Robinson Band

The Bonanza

The Boston

The Boston---Carlow

The Boston Stompers

The Boyfriends

The Boylanders

The Boyne Valley Stompers

The Boys

The Boys--Dean Swift

Boys & Girls Superband

The Branded Man

Brass Tacks--Arklow

The Breakaways

The Breakaways---Naas

The Brendan Shine Band

The Brian Harkin Band

The Bridesiders

Jack Brierly

The Brigadoons

The Broadsiders

The Broadway

The Brood

The Brose Walsh Showband

The Brotherhood

The Brothers

Brotherly Love

Brown & O'Brien

The Ken Brownlow Band

The Bubble Showband

The Buckaroos


The Esler Burke Band

The Burmah

The Burton

The Bye Laws/Toy Box

The Jay Byrne Band


Cades County

The Cadets

The Cadillac

The Gerry Cahill Dance Band

The Cajun Sound

The California Brakemen

The Cameron Clan----Larne


The Canora

Canvas Wagon

The Capitol----Butch Moore

The Capitol---John Drummond

The Capitol----Noel McNeill

The Capitol----Tony O'Leary

The Capri

The Carling

The Carlton

The Carlton---Louth

The Carnaby

The Carnegie

The Caroline

The Carousel

The Paddy Carroll Band

The Carpetbaggers


The Cascades

The Cascades----Dublin

The Casino

The Casino Showband--Clonmel

The Castaways

The Castelles

The Casuals

The Cavaliers

The Cavern

The Caviar

The Central Seven

The Centres

The Chad


The Champions

The Champs

The Chancellors

The Characters

The Checkmates

The Checkers Showgroup

The Chekkers

The Cheries All Girl Showband

The Chessmen

The Chestnuts

The Chimes


The Chord-En-Airs

The Chris Lamb Dance Band

The Chris Ryder Band--C.C.Ryders

The Christones

The Ciaran Kelly Band

The Cinders

The Circle

The City Showband

The City Sound

The Eber Clarke Orch.

The Classic

The Classic (Northern)

The Claxton

The Clefonaires

The Clipper Aces

The Clipper Carlton

The Clippertones

The Clouds

The Clowns

The Clubknights

The Clubmen

The Clubmen---Belfast

Clubsound cs.

The Dave Coady Band

The Coasters---Derry City

The Coasters Showband

The Coasters--Kilkeel

The College Boys

The College Boys--Newry

The College

The Collegemen

Colorado Fever

The Colours

The Columbia

The Comets

The Comet-Tones

The Conchords

The Con Hynes Showband

The Conchords

The Conquerors

The Continentals

Cool Country

The Coolgreaney Jazz Band

The Copperfields

The Coral

The Cordettes

The Corsairs

The Cortina Showband

The Cosmos

The Cossacks

The Cossacks Thurles

The Cotton Mill Boys

The Cotton Mill Boys with Sharon King

The Country Blue Boys---Larry Cunningham

The Country Blue Boys---Mattie Fox

Des & The Country Boys

Country Code

Country Comfort

Country Convention

The Country Express

The Country Flavour

The Country Flavour (Dan O'Hara)

The Country Flavour (Eileen King )

The Country Flavour (Marlene)

The Country Folk--Longford

The Country Folk---Frankie Carroll

The Country Folk----Margo

Country Gifts with Eileen King

The Country Hillsiders

The Country People

Country Pride

The Countrymen---Antrim

The Countrymen----Clara

Country Style

The Counts

The Courtelles

The Cousins

The Cowboys

The Crackaways

The Creoles

The Crescendos

The Crescent

The Cresta

The Crested Knights

The Crickets

The Cricklewood Green

The Crock of Gold Band

The Denis Cronin Band

The Crowns

The Cruisers


The Crystal All-Stars


The Cuff Links

The Cyclones

The Cymbals