Album Of Irish Showbands

Hank Marvin with John Mahon (Quartermasters) in Perth.

Billy Brown with The Beach Boys

Dickie Rock with Brian Poole

Pat McGeegan with Joe Brown

John Farrell with Roy Orbison

The Kings with Acker Bilk

The Newmen with David and Jonathan

The Cossacks with Brian Poole

The Trixons with Ricky Nelson

The Cossacks with Freddie & The Dreamers

Tom Jones & Ciaran Magennis ( Debonaires )

Hank Locklin with members of the Coasters

The Dixies with Johnny Ray

The Debonaires with Archie Bell

Larry, Peter, Brian (Mighty Avons) & Conway Twitty

The Freedom Fighters with Sen. Edward Kennedy

The Dubliners with Pete Seeger

Joe Dolan with President McAleese

Anne Murray ( Snowbird ) with 2 Dixies

John Mahon (Ex Quartermasters) with Gary Taylor (Ex Stealers Wheel )

Norman Clifford, Jimmy Conway and The Beach Boys

Paul Ashford and The Jerry Lee Lewis Band

Houston Wells with Hank Locklin

Johnny Cash with Sandy Kelly

Mickey Doran (The Hilton) with Franz Beckenbauer (West Germany)

Mickey Doran (The Hilton) with Pele (Brazil)

The People with Julie Grant

Margo with Bridie Gallagher

The Casino with The Rolling Stones

Eileen King with Porter Wagoner

Eileen King with Don Williams

Butch Moore & Paddy Cole with Ed. Hall ( Clarinetist with Louis Armstrong)

The Capitol Showband with Chubby Checker

Butch Moore with Dizzy Gillespie

Dickie Rock and Michael Buble

Gene Chetty with Henry McCullough

Tom Jones with D.J and Kathleen Curtin

A young Frankie McDonald with Eddie Calvert

Dottie West, Margo, Larry Cunningham & Loretta Lynn.


Brendan Bowyer with The Osmonds