Album Of Irish Showbands

Bands d--g 


Daddy Cool & The Lollipops

The Dakota

The Dallas Band

Bunny Dalton

The Dambusters

Dan & The Farmers

The Danstimers

The Dave Dixon Showband

The Dave Glover Combo

The Davitt Brothers

The Dawnbreakers

The Dazzle Band

The Debonaires

The Decca

The Deejays

The Defenders

Edith & The Defenders

Mick Delahunty

Mick Delahunty Jnr.

The Dellachords

The Delta All-Stars

The Delta Boys

The Demons

The Denis Allen Band

The Denis Moynihan Quintet

The Denver

The Derby Showband

The Derek Joys

The Dermot Dunne Bandshow

The Dermot Moriarty Band

The Derry Bankers

The Derry City

The Derrytones

The Des Fretwell Band

The Des Furlong Showband

The Des Jenkins Band

The Dessetts

The Destiny

The Detroit

Dial X

The Diamonds*

The Diamonds

The Dick Whitney Seven

Dickies Band

The Difference

The Dimples


The Dinny Hughes Band

The Diplomats


The Dixielanders

The Dixies

The Dixietones

The Dixonaires

The Harry Doherty Band

The Dollar Band

The Dolly Butler Band

The Dominoes

The Dominos

The Donagh Dance Band

The Donie Collins Showband

The Double Unit Showband

The Doves--Athenry

The Down County

The Downlanders

Downtown Express

The Dragoons

The Dreambeats

The Dreams-- Newry

The Dreams---Eric Murray

The Dreams----John Farrell

The Drifters


The Drumbeats

The Duane Family

Dublin Corporation

The Dublin Showband


The Duggie Dingle Band

The Dukes Showband---Belfast

The Dukes Showband---Kilcar

The Duskeys Showband

The Dwarfs

The Dynachords

The Dynamic Sounds

The Dynamos


The Eagles

Eamonn Ponsonby

The Earl Gill Showband

The Earlybirds

The East Coast Linesmen

The Easybeats

The Echoes---Glenties

The Echoes Showband

The Echoes --Arklow

The Echoes---Lisbellaw

The Editions -- Mitch Mahon

The Editors

The Eldorado

The Embassey

The Embassy

Jack Cuddihy & The Embassy Band

The Embers

The Emerald

The Emeralds---Derry

The Emily

The Emperors

The Empire

The Enabarts

The Entertainers

The Envoys

The Epic

The Erinvale Bandshow

The Escorts

The Esquires

The Everglades

The Evergreens

The Excellent 7

The Exciters

The Exiles

The Express


5th Degree

The F.B.I.

The Fab Five

The Fairways

The Fairylanders---Susan McCann

The Falcons


The Family--Arklow


The Farmers Sons

The Fashion

The F.B.I. Dance Band--Cork

The Federals

The Fendermen

The Fernandos

The Fiesta

The Figgertys

Finian's Rainbow

The Finnavons

The Fintan Stanley Band

The Finvola

The Firehouse

Five Star Brandy

The Flair

The Flames

The Flamingos

The Fleet

The Fleetwoods

The Flingels Bandshow

The Florida

The Flying Carlton

The Folkstones

The Fontana---Antrim

The Fontana---Cork

The Footappers

The Footprints



The Foyle

The Fred Hanna Showband


The Freedom Fighters

The Fresh Boogie Band

The Freshmen

The Friars

The Frielmen

The Friends


The Fugitives


Gabby & Memphis

The Gala Showband

The Galaxy---Glen

The Galaxy---Lurgan

The Gallowglass Showband

The Galway Blazers

The Gamblers

The Gay Dons

The Gaylords

The Gay McIntyre Bandshow

The Gay Stars

Gene & The Jury

The Generation

The Gentry

The Gents

The George B Five

The George Duffy Orchestra

The Geraldine Branigan Band

The Giants

The Giants (Enniskillen)

The Gibney & Donovan Band

Declan Gibson

The Gilbert McClean Band


The Ginger Morgan Band

The Glen Country Showband

The Glen Curtin Band

The Glen Mona Band Show

The Glensmen

The Globetrotters

The Dave Glover Showband

The Golden Aces Pioneer

The Golden Eagles---Belfast

The Golden Eagles

The Golden Seven

The Gold Star

The Golden Star

The Goldentones


The Goldust

The Graduates

The Grafton Dance Band

The Grafton Showband

The Grafton Showband---Gowna

The Granada

The Granada Sound

The Grassroots

The Green Angels

The Green Cross Band Show

Green County

The Green Forest

The Greenbeats

The Grenadiers

The Groundhogs


The Gypsies (Belfast )

Lola and The Gypsies