Album Of Irish Showbands

Bands h--m 

The Haggards 

The Harlequins

The Harmony Dance Band

Harmony Heights

The Harry Boland Band


Harvest---Mary Lou

The Hawaiian Showband

Hawaii 5 0

The Hawgs

The Hayseeds

The Head Band

The Headlines

The Sean Healy Orchestra

The Heartbeats

The Heatherbrees

The Hellions

The Hello

The Helping Hand

The Herdsmen

The High Seas

The High Wall

The Highwaymen---Frankie McBride

The Highwaymen----Mary Lou

The Hi--Landers

The Hilites

The Hillbillies

The Hilltoppers

The Hilows

The Hilton

The Hoedowners Showband

The Hollies

The Hollywood All--Stars

The Homesteaders

The Hoods

The Hootenannys

The Hoot'nannys

Ginger Morgan and Hot Fever

The Hotshots

The Houstons

The Hudson

The Hughie Trainor Band Show

The Hunters

The Hurricanes

The Hurricans

The Huskeys

The Hustlers

The Huston

The Hymac


The Idaho

The Ideal

The Impact

The Impact---Cork

The Impact---Waterford

The Imperial All Stars

The Imperial Imps

The Imperials

The Impressions

The Incas

The Indians

The Individuals

The International

The International Stars

The Interns

The Invaders


The Jack Barrett Showband

The Jack Flahive Band Show

The Jack Glynn Band

The Jack Hanley Showband

The Jack Ruane Showband

The Jackie Hearst Band

The Jackpots

The Pat Jackson Band Show

Jesse & The James Boys


The Jaybirds

The Jaywalkers

The Jesters

The Jet Set

The Jets

The Jim Blaine Band Show

The Jim Cantwell Big Band

The Jim Farley Band

The Jim Farley Big Band

The Jim McDermott Revival

The Jim Tyrrell Trio--Arklow

The Jimmy Dunny Orchestra

The Jimmy Johnston Showband

The Jimmy Shiels Showband

The Jimmy Sturrock Showband

The Jimmy Wiley Band Show

The Jivenaires

The Joe Lowney Showband

The John Murphy Band---Susan McCann

The John Murphy Band --Trevor & Frances

The Johnny Brady Dance Band

The Johnny Byrne Showband

The Johnny Christopher Showband

The Johnny Costello Band

The Johnny Flynn Dance Band

The Johnny Flynn Showband

The Johnny Flynn Sound

The Johnny Gavin Band

The Johnny McEvoy Band

Johnny McEvoy & The Ramblers

The Johnny McMahon Orchestra

The Jokers Showband

The Jordans Showband

The Josie McIntyre Showband

The Joys Showband

The Jubilaires Showband

The Jubilee Showband

Judge Joe & The Jury



The Kamels

The Kanaverals

The Kangaroos

The Kansas City

The Kardinals

The Kaye Twins Band

Kelley with Klass

The Neil Kearns Band

The Pat Kelly Dance Band

The Sandy Kelly Band

The Ken Kennedy Showband

The Kenny Ryder Superband

The Kentones

The Kentuckians

The Kerry Blues----D J Curtin

The Kerry Blues----Rose

The Kerry Cowboys---Dermot Moriarty

The Kevan O'Doherty Showband

The Kevin Bourke Showband

The Kevin Harper Bandshow

The Kevin Woods Showband

The Keynotes--Ben E. King

The Keynotes---Margo

The Keytones

The Kickin' Mule

The Killarney Swinging Jarvies

The Kim Newport Band

King Creole

The Kingdom Showband

The Kingpins Showband

The Kings

The Kings----Butch Moore

The Kingsfield Ramblers

The Kingston All-Stars

The Kinsellas Showband

The Klan

The Klondyke

The Knights

The Knoxville

The Kwiet Type


The La Bamba

The La Scala

The La Yenka

The Laganmen

The Lakeside Showband

The Lakewood Swingtette

The Laredo Showband

The Las Vegas Showband

The Leaders Showband

Lee & Quo

The Lee Lynch Sound

The Leprechauns Showband

The Lightning Express

Lightning Strikes

The Lights--Arklow

The Limits Showband

Lincoln Express

The Lions Showband---Danny Pearse

The Lions Showband----Gene Chetty

The London Irish Showband

The Londonaires

Lorne Gibson & The Gamblers

Lorne Gibson & The Outlaws

The Lovers Showband

The Lowlanders

The LTD Showband

Lucky Numbers

Luv Bug

The Lynchmen

Lyttle People


The Madisons

The Mad Lads

The Madrid Showband

The Magic Band

The Magnificent 7

The Magnificent Five Showband

The Rennie Maguire Band

The Mainliners

The Mainliners---John Glenn

The Mainliners---Derry

The Majestic Showband

The Majorca Showband

The Majors Showband

The Malachy Doris Bandshow

The Manhatten Showband

The Maple Leaf Showband

The Marcels Showband

Margo's Band

Margo & Co

The Marines Showband

The Mark Canavan Band

The Mark V Showband

The Marksmen

The Marshals Showband

The Martells Showband

The Martelles  ( Belfast )

The Martin Fitzgerald Dance Band

The Martin Flynn Showband

The Marvettes

The Mary Darcy Showband

The Masters

The Matadors Showband

The Mattie McDonagh Dance Band

The Maurice Lynch Showband

The Maurice Mulcahy Bandshow

The Mavericks Showband

The Maxie Dooley Band

The Eamon McCole Orchestra

The McCusker Bros. Bandshow

The Mecca Showband

The Melochords

The Mellochords Emyvale

The Melody Aces

The Melody Boys ( Dominic Kirwan )

The Melody Makers

The Melody Makers  (Dundalk)

The Melotones

The Melotones Showband--Belfast

The Memories

The Memphis Showband

Merry Macs Ballroom Orch.

The Merry Makers

The Merry Minstrels Showband

The Merryboys Showband

The Mexicans Showband

The Miami Showband---Dickie Rock

The Miami Showband---Fran O'Toole

The Michael Foley Combo

The Michael Galbraith Dance Band

The Mick Cummins Bandshow

The Mick Flavin Band

The Mick Fogarty Showband

The Mick Hennessey Orchestra

The Mick O'Loughlin Bandshow

The Midnighters Showband

The Mighty Avons--Larry Cunningham

The Mighty Avons---Brendan Quinn

The Mighty Avons---Brian Harkin

The Mighty Avons---Gene Stuart

The Mighty Avons---Hugh McLean

The Millionaires Showband

The Mint Rock

The Misfits


The Modern Aces

The Modernaires Dance Band

The Molloy All-Stars

The Molly Maguires

The Monaco Showband

The Monarchs Showband---Belfast

The Monarchs Showband---Limerick


The Montana Showband

The Montrose Showband

The Moonglows Showband

The Moonlight Showband

The Moonlighters

The Morning Dew Showband

The Ray Morgan Band

The Mountaineers

The Mounties Showband

Dave Moynihan

Music Box

Music City

The Music Lovers Showband

The Mystics Showband

The Mystics Showband---Boyle