Album Of Irish Showbands


I Ran All The Way Home-Brendan Bowyer and the Royal.mp3

Poor Poor Farmer-Darby OGill.mp3

Reflections of Your Face-Dave Coady and the Big 8.mp3

Did He Mention My Name-Deirdre Downes and the Broadsiders.mp3

Young Love-Chris Grace and the Donie Collins Band.mp3

Clap Your Hands--Fran OToole and the Miami.mp3

Five Little Fingers-Frankie McBride and the Polka Dots.mp3

Ooh I Love That Boogie Beat-Shawn ODowd and Ding a Ling.mp3

Hello Darlin-Roly Daniels of Green County.mp3

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow-Rudy Jordan and Stage 2.mp3

Lonely Street-Des Smyth and the Collegemen.mp3

Gypsy Joe And Me-Ray Lynham and the Hillbillies.mp3

I Go Out Of My Mind-Brendan OBrien and the Dixies.mp3

The Peanut Vendor--Maurice Mulcahy.mp3

Let The 4 Winds Blow-Frankie Hannon and the Johnnie Flynn Showband.mp3

Im Gonna Change Everything-Sean Dunphy and the Hoedowners.mp3

Matrimony-Jimmy Conway and the Big 8.mp3

Just To See You Smile-The Freshmen.mp3

Shake-Sean Hamilton and the Plattermen.mp3

A Bunch Of Violets Blue-Brendan Shine Band.mp3

Mamacita-Des Lee Julie and the Starband.mp3

It Keeps Right On A Hurtin-The Hilton.mp3

Bye Bye Till Then-Butch Moore and the Capitol.mp3

Help Me Make It Through The Night-The California Brakemen.mp3

Knock Three Times-Tony Kenny and the Sands.mp3

Gold Watch And Chain-The Cotton Mill Boys.mp3

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