Album Of Irish Showbands


Half A Heart-Brian Coll and the Buckaroos.mp3

Ther Wont Be Anymore-Brian McCoy and the Miami.mp3

Nobody Loves Like An Irishman-Teddy Palmer and Trend.mp3

Deteriorata-Brendan Balfe.mp3

Carlos Theme-The Capitol.mp3

Rock n Roll Youre Young and Beautiful-Tony Kenny and the Sands.mp3

Have A Good Time Tonight-The Playboys - Copy.mp3

Here We Go Again-Joe Dolan and the Drifters.mp3

After The Dance-Penny and the Skyrockets.mp3

Cornbread and Love-Johnny and the Big Time.mp3

Shake Me I Rattle-Derrick and the Sounds.mp3

Far Away From You-Doc Carroll and the Royal Blues.mp3

Cara Mia-Don Murray and the Gaylords.mp3

Happy Street-Pat Ely and the Smokeys.mp3

When We Were Young-Pat Lynch and the Airchords.mp3

Let The 4 Winds Blow-Frankie Hannon and the Johnnie Flynn Showband.mp3

The Way You Wrinkle Your Nose-Gene and the Gents.mp3

The Road By The River--Margo and the Keynotes.mp3

Baby Its You-The Empire Showband.mp3

One Step From Nowhere-Gerry and the Ohio.mp3

Angel Of Love-Des Lee and The Miami.mp3

Many The Memories-The Real McCoy.mp3

My Wild Irish Rose-The Royal.mp3

Bedtime Story-Gloria and the Johnny McEvoy Band.mp3

Still The One-Clubsound.mp3

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