Album Of Irish Showbands


Up and Down-The Chessmen.mp3

I learned To Yodel-Jimmy Lennon and the Atlantics..mp3

07 Creole Jazz-Maurice Mulcahy.mp3

Down By The River-Lola and the New Blues.mp3

Little Rosa-Billy McFarland.mp3

Magic Trumpets-The Johnny Flynn Showband.mp3

The Set Of Drums-Brendan Balfe (2).mp3

Fire On The Mountain-The Cotton Mill Boys.mp3

Whistling Rufus-Dermot OBrien and the Clubmen (2).mp3

Youve Grown Up-Alan Carr and Stage 2.mp3

The Joys Of Love-Brendan OBrien and the Dixies.mp3

Thats My Paw-Eddie Mack and the Columbia.mp3

Just Biding My Time-Twink and the Big 8.mp3

McNamaras Band-The Capitol.mp3

Behind The Footlights-Margo and the Marvettes.mp3

Carmen-The Blueglows.mp3

You Dont Care-The Blue Aces.mp3

The Pillow That Whispers-Des Smyth and the Collegemen.mp3

My Child-Charlie Matthews and the Royal.mp3

Too Much-Pat Max and the Specialists.mp3

My Elusive Dreams-DJ Curtin and the Kerry Blues.mp3

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen-The Flamingos.mp3

We Could-Sonny Knowles and the Pacific.mp3

The Haunted House-The Witnesses.mp3

Winter Winds-The Millionaires.mp3

One Kiss For Old Times Sake-Murty Quinn and the Miami.mp3

Fever-Mary Lou and Harvest.mp3

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Daddys Little Girl-Brendan Quinn and the Bluebirds.mp3